CCHP Says Thank You to our Nurses and Medical Assistants!

By: Dr. Mariely Fernandez, Chief Medical Officer

This week I decided to go around the clinic to ask both patients and staff to tell me one word that would describe our nurses and medical assistants.

WARM, WELCOMING, ENERGETIC, DEDICATED, CARING, PROFESSIONAL, SMART and AMAZING were just some of the many words that were used.

Our nursing and MA staff have touched the lives of so many here, each day giving a little piece of themselves to CCHP and our community. They are the eyes and ears of our medical and clinical staff and they have been the voice for many of our patients. Combined, our nursing and MA staff have given over 50 years of service to the Center.

For today, and for everyday we didn’t get a chance to, we want to say THANK YOU for all your hard work and dedication.