Tudor Foundation, Inc. Awards CCHP with $25,000 for Pediatric Health Services

For its second consecutive year, the Tudor Foundation, Inc. has awarded CCHP with $25,000 to support its comprehensive pediatric health care services to our patients. The generous contribution will help cover the cost of services for our pediatric patients, which includes our Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), an education group for parents as well as a drug prevention program for their children; our Pediatric Clinic,  primary care and Reach Out and Read (a program for children six months to five years promoting early literacy); and our Family and Employment Services Program (FESP) which provides comprehensive treatment to individuals (and youth) who are or have been impacted by a loved one’s substance use.


Our extensive interdisciplinary team of social workers, pediatricians, nurses, internists, family practitioners, psychiatrists, playroom teachers and a vocational counselor all work together to address the physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of our patients.  As a result, we are able to address not only a child’s physical but also social and emotional concerns. During a visit to CCHP, a child may interact with our play room teachers, parents may get nutrition advice from a nurse, a social worker and/or psychiatrist might meet with the family to discuss any behavioral concerns, and the pediatrician could spend up to an hour with the family addressing all the needs of the patient. The Tudor Foundation’s support will cover the funding gap between what insurance companies reimburse and the “true” cost of what our programs offer.

This is CCHP’s second grant award from the Tudor Foundation, Inc.

For over 18 years, the Tudor Foundation, Inc. has been awarding grants to organizations that focus on education and human services with an emphasis on children and youth services. CCHP is honored to, once again, be the Tudor Foundation, Inc.’s most recent grant recipient, and looks forward to continued collaborative efforts.